Marta Rauch

REST API: Overview and Documentation Best Practices

If you haven’t yet documented a REST API, you might be asked to do so soon. REST APIs are growing quickly, with enterprise and finance the fastest growing categories. The job market for REST API writers is hot, and technical communicators can increase their marketability and value to their company by learning about REST APIs. Be prepared by getting a head-start on what you need to know!

Attend this session to:

  • Get an introduction to REST APIs
  • Understand characteristics of the REST API architectural style
  • Learn about pros and cons of REST API implementation
  • Look at an example REST API and watch a demonstration of performing operations on a resource using the REST interface
  • Learn about emerging documentation best practices for REST APIs

Note: You will need a laptop with the ability to connect to the conference WiFi hotspot for this workshop.


Marta Rauch works in a development team at Oracle, where she architects and leads mobile, cloud, and REST API projects. She works on developer docs and integration guides, provides input to corporate REST API standards, and participates with a team that develops a new REST API interface.

Marta is a member of CIDM, IEEE, ACM, and STC. An STC Associate Fellow, Marta is VP of the Silicon Valley chapter and a member of the Nominating Committee. She is also a proposal reviewer and judges International Summit Awards. Marta holds a degree from Stanford University and a certificate in Managing the Development of Technical Information from the University of California Extension.