Mark Poston

  • Mark Poston
    Mark Poston
    Senior Technical Consultant

Responsive Design: Delivering Content-Rich Customer Experiences

Many of the website we browse as consumers provide a customer experience far in excess of those found in the B2B market place. Simply put, when browsing the web, consumers are getting a personalized experience––whether they  want it or not.

Social networking and online shopping sites use various techniques to deliver content or products that are tailored to you. Consequently our natural expectations are changing and yet too few B2B sites meeting this expectation.

So how does achieving this customer experience translate to content? What needs to be considered to deliver content in the same way as those other sites?  This presentation looks at the business case for delivering a more personalized customer experience and provides examples  of how authors can enhance content with metadata in order to facilitate these experiences.

There are times when a completely standalone solution can be delivered. But it is also common that documentation needs to be integrated with an existing web site, and while  needing to keep documentation up to date and in sync, there is a need to integrate with other backend systems. This presentation also explores the relationship between different systems within an organization such as CRM and how they can work together to provide a single coherent solution that is seamless to the customer.


Mark is a senior technical consultant for Mekon with over 19 years experience in content and publishing. He has a broad knowledge and understanding of the publishing requirements of clients. As publishing technologies have changed, the innovative solutions he has worked on have reflected these changes. He is now heavily involved in the presales, analysis, design, and implementation of XML publishing solutions, many of which are based around DITA. Mark is technical lead for Mekon’s DITA-based dynamic delivery framework DITAweb, and an InDesign XML plugin for the DITA Open Toolkit. He has also recently worked on several solutions delivering content to mobile devices.

Co-Presenting With

Julian Murfitt