Lisa Pietrangeli

  • Lisa Pietrangeli
    Lisa Pietrangeli
    Managing Partner and Executive Director

Coming Out: I Write in Word and I Love it! And You Can Too!

Sometimes DITA, rather than breaking silos, just creates one more. Johanne was asked for a content reuse solution but her needs and DITA conditions quickly locked horns. Is it possible to stay in Word with SmartDocs and keep exchanging files with other colleagues? This is a use case of a solo writer with simple needs and a little time, discussing how easy it was to start reusing quickly; so easy the solution is catching on with proposal writers. She will describe the operation of the snippets, variables and conditional texts, the challenges of working in two languages with variables, and what remains to be done.

You will learn about a content reuse strategy within Word for your customers, your team, and even the whole company, right away, with no conversion period. You will also take home strategies for variables with different genders inside, a challenge for DITA writers as well.


Lisa Pietrangeli is a managing partner and executive director at 36 Software. At 36, Lisa specializes in working with clients to develop customized content development strategies. Lisa brings over 14 years of experience to 36 Software, having worked extensively with companies around the world, helping them to streamline their content development and localization processes.

Before joining 36 Software, Lisa was director of global client solutions at Language Intelligence, where she worked with clients to develop internationalization strategies for all stages of the content development process, from authoring through to translation. Her extensive experience has included everything from project management, resource selection and management, to business development, localization consulting and managing client relationships. Her experience, combined with her analytical skills, make Lisa an ideal partner with whom to evaluate content development and localization processes, develop proof of concept, and tailor solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.

Co-Presenting With

Johanne Lavallée