Kristen Eberlein

Keeping the Content Train on the Tracks (And on Topic)

How do you keep your content moving forward, while you are weighed down with baggage from the past? How do you change course when the tracks ahead seem to have washed away? Come hear the editors of the DITA 1.3 specification talk about creative strategies they put into place to streamline the process of developing a version of the specification, improve the quality and usability of the content, and get to their destination on schedule.

In this session you will learn:

  • What process changes allowed us to add new content quickly, while simultaneously reducing page count
  • How we dealt with the audience tug-of-war, balancing precision and readability
  • How we found the right incentives to improve participation in this (entirely volunteer-based) team effort
  • How we managed to keep going after running out of steam


Kris is Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and owner of Eberlein Consulting LLC, a company that helps people develop or refine their DITA implementations. She also is co-editor of the DITA 1.2 and 1.3 specifications. Trained as a historian, she’s worn almost all the content worker hats you can imagine: Information developer, team lead, information architect, tool smith … When not herding cats, she cooks, quilts, and enjoys her Mini Cooper S.

Co-Presenting With

Robert Anderson