Kirsten Gantenbein

  • Kirsten Gantenbein
    Principal Technical Writer / Content Strategist

Online Customer Service Marketing: A Content Strategy Love Affair

Discover how a passion for helping customers can bring together two unlikely partners (from marketing and technical writing) and help break all the rules of silo-d content creation in the process.

Many companies are starting to notice that their social-savvy customers are expecting a more personalized content experience from them. To deliver this type of content, however, technical (post-sales) and marketing (pre-sales) departments must begin collaborating with each other. In this lecture, we’ll talk about how marketing strategies can help solve challenges with technical content curation, content distribution, and UX research. We’ll provide insights into how social customer service can serve as a new multichannel digital platform in your content strategy. Finally, we’ll share a social media case study with results and metrics to inspire others.


Kirsten is a microbiologist turned technical writer, content strategist, and UX advocate. She loves solving complex problems, and has a passion for translating technical information into consumable content.

Co-Presenting With

Nikoletta Vecsei