Keith Schengili-Roberts

  • Keith Schengili-Roberts
    DITA Information Architect

How DITA Can Advance Your Content Strategy

What does DITA have to offer Content Strategists? Plenty as it turns out, and more than just content reuse and dynamic multi-channel publishing. DITA provides built-in content consistency, more efficient multi-language translation, and even the ability to handle a myriad of product and version outputs. The updated DITA 1.3 specification includes additional features designed with user interaction in mind, including targeted troubleshooting, improving the ability to add metadata to content—aiding with Search Engine Optimization—and linking across different deliverable types. From a content management perspective there’s also new metadata for keeping track of releases, branch filtering, and more control over handling a diverse set of publication outputs.


Keith is a DITA Information Architect at IXIASOFT, DITA evangelist and technical writing nerd. Keith is also an award-winning lecturer on Information Architecture at the University of Toronto’s iSchool, and Durham College. He is also an active member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, and can often be found presenting at conferences, working with customers, and researching how DITA is being used and sharing those results with the DITA community. Keith’s popular industry blog has become a focal point on DITA resources and best practices. Connect with Keith on Twitter @KeithIXIASOFT.