John Collins

Wireframing, Mockups, and Prototyping Made Easy

Your career may revolve around words, but knowing a little about sketching can help you understand complicated concepts, communicate more efficiently, drive improvements to the products you work on – or move your career in a new direction!

Learn how technical writers, content strategists, and others can improve user experiences with sketching, making mockups, and even creating interactive prototypes – without touching Photoshop or software code.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The difference between sketches, mockups, and prototypes
  • Basic tools available to help create mockups and prototypes
  • How to quickly make basic sketches


John Collins works for Atlassian as a member of the design team. He’s a senior technical writer on the HipChat team in Austin, TX. Prior to Atlassian, John was at Rosetta Stone, where he learned the importance of combining content and user experience, first as a technical writer and then as senior UX content strategist.

John loves being at the intersection of content, localization, and user experience. He’s spoken at a number of conferences, and he’s always happy talking shop. You can find him on Twitter @jrc_collins and occasionally blogging at