Jim Tivy

How to Manage Change in Documentation (Time Travel and Other Techniques)

Change in products and procedures is a constant in organizations. New features are being added to products in an every changing world. In a multiple product release environment, product releases may be happening in sequence or in parallel. In this session, Jim will present a survey of the problems and solutions in managing change in documentation using DITA and CMS technologies.


Jim has been working in IT for 30 years, holding mostly technical positions, often focused on database system internals. Jim encountered XML in 1999 and designed the first commercial XML database, XStreamDb. As part of this initiative, Jim was a member of the W3C XQuery working group and wrote a chapter in the book, XQuery From the Experts. In 2005, Jim became involved with DITA as Bluestream added support for DITA to the XDocs XML CMS. Since then, Jim has taken a lead role on further features of the XDocs XML CMS. Jim is currently a member of the OASIS DITA TC.