Jack Molisani

Honing Your Workplace Negotiation Skills

Negotiation. Just saying the word makes many people quake in terror or withdraw in discomfort because it feels adversarial to them. But, change the word to collaboration and people smile and lean in to hear more. And yet, that is what negotiation really is—collaborative problem-solving. You have something someone else needs and they have something you need. Identifying how each person can get their needs met in a way that satisfies both parties is the core of what negotiation is all about. In this energetic workshop, we will change the way you look at negotiation, give you some tools that you can use immediately, and opportunities to practice your new skills.

Learning Goals:

After the workshop, students will gain the following:

  • Understanding of how to negotiate and when
  • Techniques for effectively negotiating
  • Practice in these types of negotiation:
    • Salary
    • Vendor
    • Client


Jack Molisani is the Executive Director of the LavaCon Conference. He has been organizing this conference for over 12 years. Originally, LavaCon was created as a conference based on the island of Hawaii. Recently, this conference has made its home in Portland, Austin, and now New Orleans.

Co-Presenting With

Kit Brown-Hoekstra