Eric Shipman

Case Study: Streamlining the Translation Process to Expand Your Global Footprint

Don Rasky, Sr. Technical Writer at Mitchell International, Inc. a leading provider of claims management and collision repair processes, along with Eric Shipman, Product Evangelist of MadCap Software, will discuss how they worked together to develop a streamlined translation strategy scalable for organizations around the world.

Recognizing the need to move away from their antiquated online-translation tools, Mitchell embarked on an extensive research, request for proposal (RFP), and evaluation process to identify the translation and localization service provider that could best support its needs. With upwards of 5,000 pages of documentation to be translated, quality combined with customer service was critical to the company’s evaluation process.

In this session, Mr. Rasky will provide an overview of their search for a translation partner and how they established a results-focused RFP process, a consistent evaluation process and a thorough cost analysis. Finally, key results will be presented, including how Mitchell published nearly 50 multilingual Help file deployments for North America and Europe in 2014 alone – to French, Canadian French, Spanish, and German.


Eric is a Senior Technical Support Engineer at MadCap Software in La Jolla, California. As a senior support engineer, Eric is proficient with the MadCap Software suite of products and helps provide technical support to hundreds of customers each month. Prior to joining MadCap Software, Eric was a technical support representative for Apple with certifications in Mac OS X and iOS. Eric also has a bachelor’s of science in Mass Communication from State University of New York at Oneonta.

Co-Presenting With

Don Rasky