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    Eeshita Grover
    Senior Manager, Documentation

New Manager Bootcamp

In this session, you will be exposed to ideas and techniques to adopt as a new Communications Manager. Some of the key focus areas include, getting to know my team, getting to know my content, and what it is to play the role model.

Through role play activities, you will be exposed to some real life challenges, some up and downs that you will be exposed to as a Communications Manager.

The Communications Manager’s Toolbox

This session is focuses on building a keen focus on vision and strategy for your team as a Communications Manager. You will learn techniques you can use to impact rate of adoption for your product and creating an environment for innovation. We will discuss parameters to build a holistic team and the path towards defining your team’s brand and presence. We will also learn key aspects for managing performance including criteria and expectations for the rock stars and the ‘not quite’.


Eeshita Grover is an experienced professional of 18+ years with a career equally divided across writing, teaching, and leading content creation and delivery teams. Eeshita has been with Cisco for the past 10 years building and driving innovative content strategies with an emphasis on delivery for the web, mobile web, and video. Eeshita has led content design using DITA for the various content types and their presentation for ease of consumption. Leading a change in mindset of writing teams has been one of the key contributors to her success.

Co-Presenting With

New Manager Bootcamp: Charles Rygula