Doug Gorman

Taming the Beast that Is Microsoft Word

Content Architectures are now changing at the enterprise level to allow reuse and flexible publishing to PDF, HTML, ePUB, and more.  Organizations recognize the need for a standard architecture.  But, with the vast majority of authors creating content in MS Word, standards are hard to implement and the cost of intermediate editing is prohibitive.  Most non-technical staff will not use a traditional XML editor and have primary roles to fill every day.  In this session, attendees will learn about the issues when moving from out-of-control Word to a content standard.  We will briefly highlight two approaches to getting control of Word-based content.  One approach is entirely MS Word-based and the other uses MS Word on the authoring side with XML in the background.


Doug has spent the last few decades working at the intersection between structured writing and structured mark-up.  As the former CEO of Information Mapping and the current CEO of Simply XML, he has helped large and small global organizations to adopt content standards and get control of their published content to improve the reader experience and to save money.

Co-Presenting With

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