Demarcus Wells

  • Demarcus Wells
    Demarcus Wells
    Program Manager, Service Ops

Using Content Consumer Data to Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Revenue

We will discuss how utilizing value-based content to positively engage consumers throughout the customer journey has transformed the way Avalara approaches our sales cycle.  Through a strategic use of self-service content, Avalara has accelerated the sales cycle, as well as improved our customer retention and up-sells while simultaneously cutting support costs.


Demarcus Wells has focused on Customer Success at Avalara for over 10 years. With deep prior technical experience and a BS in Information Technology, he has spent the last several years managing programs and technical projects specific to the customer experience.  He has worked extensively with various knowledge and documentation systems for internal and external use.  Current duties also include targeting operational efficiencies with automation in our CRM and other critical systems for the Customer Success Teams.  His goal driven approach allows him the ability to strategize at a high level and nose dive into the weeds when necessary for organizational solutions.