David Dylan Thomas

  • David Dylan Thomas
    Senior Content Strategist

What Problem Are You Trying To Solve? Achieving Organization and User Goals Through Content

In this session, Senior Content Strategist David Dylan Thomas will walk you through a case study where content, UX, and design teams joined forces in a way that increased a client’s sales by 200%. Through a carefully crafted hands-on workshop approach, the development team identified organization and user needs and discovered together—with stakeholders—how content could achieve project and organization objectives.

Thomas will share the exercises he lead stakeholders through, such as “What business problem are your trying to solve?”, “WHY are you creating content?”, “What do your users really care about?”, and “How can we tell if we achieved the project goals (success criteria)?”

In this hands-on interactive session, you will do similar exercises yourselves to see just how powerful (and simple) it is to gather insights into organization objectives and get stakeholders invested in the solution you’re creating.


As a senior content strategist at EPAM, David Dylan Thomas has developed strategies for major clients in entertainment, publishing, and retail. He is the founder of Content Camp, co-organizer of Barcamp Philly, head of Content Strategy Philly, and the creator, director, and co-producer of Developing Philly, a web series about the rise of the Philadelphia tech community. He has given lectures on such topics as the future of content in a post-ownership economy and the hidden power of online links.