Cruce Saunders

  • Cruce Saunders
    Founder, Author of "Content Engineering for a Multichannel World"

Content Strategy vs. Content Engineering: The Emerging Role of The Content Engineer

The Content Engineer now plays a central role in delivering intelligent content, and the role has shown itself as critical to successful Customer Experience Management, personalization, and content publishing to multiple platforms and channels.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The territory covered by Content Strategy and Content Engineering practices
  • How to distinguish between Content Strategy and Content Engineering functions
  • Why Content Engineering is an organizational function that cannot be left out without tremendous project cost
  • How to build a Content Engineering practice with existing staff
  • Key Content Engineering deliverables and functions
  • A call for intelligent content, and more human digital experiences


Founder and principal consultant at Simple [A], Cruce brings more than 15 years leading firms focused on content delivery technology. [A] teams manage large-scale content engineering engagements in partnership with global agencies. [A] delivers content engineering, content technology implementation, content management, and personalization for complex digital properties in government, healthcare, education, non-profit, finance and other institutional arenas. Cruce has directed more than 250 application and content engineering engagements. Author of “Content Engineering for a Multichannel World,” Cruce advocates for content engineering practices, intelligent content, enterprise adoption of intelligent content in order to build more human, personalized digital experiences.