Connie Giordano

Integrating Content Planning and Delivery Across the Enterprise: From Busted Silos to Beautiful Music

You know that getting content out of organizational silos is a good thing. An integrated approach benefits the whole organization. The hard part comes when it’s time to go from idea to execution. Solo efforts had their place, but now it’s time to orchestrate this content production for maximum effect.

This session will provide you with tools and inspiration to produce a symphony that is music to the ears of your customers and your management:

  • What’s in your company’s repertoire?
  • The challenge of arranging pieces fit for your players and audience.
  • Auditions and Rehearsals: Pulling the right talent, instruments, and program together.
  • Handling the reviews, and the rest of the season.
  • Performing with a garage-band budget.

Join Connie Giordano for a practical approach delivering great content as well-tuned orchestra.


Connie Giordano performs a dual role as Executive Editor of TechWhirl and content strategy consultant / content services partner through INKtopia Limited, the parent company of TechWhirl.

With more than 25 years performing a balancing act between technical and marketing communications, Connie offers a unique blend of cross-functional experience in knowledge management, process design, and business analysis to clients and readers alike. Her work crosses industries as well, including software development, financial services, telecom, retail, healthcare, and government. Connie received her Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Queens University, and only recently discovered that she enjoys editing content nearly as much as creating it.