Christopher Ward

  • Christopher Ward
    Christopher Ward
    Director of Sales

Keynote: How To Get What You Want When You Want It

What is missing in your day to day work life that is keeping you from your goals? I bet you have that all figured out, but you are stuck on how to get it. “We don’t have it in the budget, but maybe next year.” “There is a spending freeze right now in the department.” “The company is pulling resources to fund another project.” We have heard them all before, but have we stopped to really think about those answers? Requesting resources is never as simple as just asking for them. I want to teach you how to position yourself so you can get the company’s buy in no matter what the situation. We will go over a simple 5 step process that anyone can execute, but is powerful enough to tackle the most hostile environments.

In this session, we will explore the 5 step process deeper and go over exercises to help us put it in to practice. After this session, everyone in the room should be able to have a value based conversation to help improve their results when asking for needed resources.

Revenue Strategy 101: Unifying Your Content and Revenue Strategies

This workshop will help you define content’s role in a revenue generating strategy. We will identify the major factors that have caused a paradigm shift in the way businesses view of content: the informed consumer, Big Data (the informed business), and unprecedented access to advanced technologies. With this understanding, you will begin to build your own strategy that aligns with your business goals. We will then move you into the next phase which is how to have the conversations that will transform the role of content in your business. This proven methodology will help bring those conversations to the executive level, so you can uncover and address the true obstacles to achieving your goals. Make content the most pivotal asset to a company’s continued success and position yourself as a business leader.


Christopher Ward, Director of Sales at WebWorks, specializes in helping small teams accomplish big things by better aligning departmental processes with overall company strategies. Christopher’s experience in strategy development began as an Analyst for U.S. Army Intelligence and then later moved in to the corporate world when working for Dell computers.

For over the last 4 years he has been working for WebWorks and enjoying getting to know the Technical Communications Industry. His diverse experiences allow Christopher to recognize untapped potential in a company’s overall business strategy and help them achieve that potential.