Charles Rygula

  • Charles Crygula
    Charles Rygula
    Senior Manager, Documentation

New Manager Bootcamp

In this session, you will be exposed to ideas and techniques to adopt as a new Communications Manager. Some of the key focus areas include, getting to know my team, getting to know my content, and what it is to play the role model.

Through role play activities, you will be exposed to some real life challenges, some up and downs that you will be exposed to as a Communications Manager.


Charles has over 20 years of experience in the areas of technical content development and management (people, project, and product). During this time, he’s worked for both small and large companies predominantly in the Telecommunications industry. While his “do what it takes” attitude has afforded him a number of opportunities, he is currently a Sr. Documentation Manager at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Co-Presenting With

Eeshita Grover