Chantielle MacFarlane

The Phantom in the Boardroom: Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Work With a Ghostwriter

In this session, Chantielle will bust out the proton pack and provide you with an inside look at how to properly engage a ghostwriter within your organization. Citing real-world examples from her role as the Lead Content Strategist at Hyperwallet Systems Inc., Chantielle will educate session participants on:

  • how a ghostwriter can improve the quality of your organization’s content,
  • the benefits of including ghosts in strategic planning,
  • and tactics/tools for executing ghosted projects.

You’ll leave the session armed with road maps for managing executive/ghost interactions, as well as actionable approaches for nurturing phantoms into fully visible members of your content team.


Chantielle is the Lead Content Strategist at Hyperwallet Systems Inc., a payments technology company headquartered in San Francisco. The former Head Honcho of Inklyo, an online content development platform designed to connect marketing consultants, agencies, and brands with professional writers, Chantielle has spent the better part of a decade ghosting on behalf of individuals and corporate entities. A huge fan of coffee, dinosaurs, and sarcasm, you can creep Chantielle on Twitter at @chantiellemac.