Ari Hoffman

  • Ari Hoffman
    Ari Hoffman
    Customer Success Onboarding Manager

Let’s Talk Technical Marketing: Your Guide to Content for the Entire Customer Journey

In today’s search driven world, we tend to look at Marketing as the answer to new business development.  We overlook the power that product and support can play in marketing and sales.

Learn how to leverage your product and support content as a Marketing goldmine. Unlock the Search Engine potential of your “How To’s” and FAQ’s to engage your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Transform static PDFs into a rich, dynamic self-service channel where prospects and customers can self-educate and watch as the sales cycle shortens and your NPS (Net Promoter Score) increases.


As the Customer Success Onboarding Manager for Mindtouch, Ari Hoffman prioritizes customer success at the heart of all of his business endeavors. He focuses on value-based support to turn customers into product experts. MindTouch hired Mr. Hoffman for his collaborative approach to business and his influence in the startup community.

Ari is a member of the board of advisors for the Vet Tech Venture Group and a lead organizer for 1 Million Cups, San Diego. He is also an owner/creator of several companies in the U.S., including BLOCK Risers, MatGames, DarnGoodWorld, and GOBIE h2o.