Allie Proff

  • Allie Proff
    Technical Communicator

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Using Video to Support Your Documentation

If a picture is worth a thousand words (as well as some likes, retweets, and +1s), then how much is a video worth?

Ever find yourself on YouTube, looking to learn how to do something?

Join Allie as she shares her experiences creating and using short help videos and tutorials to improve her target audience’s learning experience.

Some of the topics include:

  • Why video?
  • What tool is right for me?
  • Common setup options.
  • Editing and publishing recommendations.
  • Resources and real-world examples.


Allie has been communicating technical knowledge for over fifteen years, whether it be in the U.S. Navy, as a high school math teacher, or a writer/editor at The Boeing Company.

At Boeing, she helps engineers and analysts write and produce their process instructions and user help in a variety of formats, including video demonstration as well as SharePoint sites and conventional Word documents. However, she’s also passionate about organizing and sharing information in general no matter what form it takes.