Al Martine

Plan for Success: Implement a Content Triangle Framework

Rather than thinking about Content Strategy as a fully baked cake, why not think about content in its core parts: the technology used to manage it, the approach being used to guide its development and the techniques used by your authors to create it.

By looking at the content triangle technology, strategy and development you’ll be able to assess what you do today and make comprehensive decisions on where you want to go tomorrow. Our framework allows business managers and content strategists to diagnose and provide strategic recommendations for improving their companies & avoiding the big-bang changes that doom so many business plans and initiatives.

During this session we’ll:

  • Review content technologies types (creation, management, publishing and distribution)
  • Cover business and content development strategies
  • Content creation approaches
  • Talk through scenarios for improving your company’s triangle and the case for each improvement.


Al Martine is co-owner and Director of Business Development and Operations for TechWhirl. TechWhirl is an online company helping the world explore the world of content management and technical communications. Al has over 15 years experience in Management Consulting and industry experience ranging from non-profit management to managing global teams for Fortune 500 transformation projects.

He has an MBA from London Business School and is passionate about helping company leaders, their teams and the world in general leverage people, processes and technologies to create outstanding customer experiences. At TechWhirl, Al leverages his strategy; change management and operations background to help the company create outstanding content for its readers and remarkable promotional opportunities for its business partners.

When Al isn’t planning, writing or developing for TechWhirl, he can be found cheering on the WVU Mountaineers, enjoying a fine (or not so fine) wine or going for a nice run.