LavaCon 2015 Virtual Attendance

Our virtual conference platform is Adobe Connect, provided by our Platinum Sponsor Adobe Systems.

You can attend using almost any desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Adobe Connect

Five Virtual Classrooms

You can select from one of five virtual classrooms per time slot. One room will broadcast live video, slides, audio, and a chat window where you can answer speaker questions and ask questions of your own. For example, see Andrea Ames’ session below.

Note: The video for Andrea’s session starts six minutes into the recording, after Jack Molisani’s welcome remarks.

All Sessions Are Included

Last year, we only live-streamed (and recorded) one of the five breakout sessions in a time slot. This year we are taking it a step further and broadcasting and recording all five breakout sessions. One session in each slot will have the video feed (see below); the other sessions will also look like the following, but without the video feed:

Adobe Connect Screen

We will update the Program page shortly to indicate which session in each time slot will include the live video feed.

Interact With Speakers and Attendees

You can switch between any of the five simultaneous sessions at will. We will also have someone monitoring the chat windows in each room to relay comments and questions to the speakers.

Speakers will repeat questions from the live audience so the virtual attendees can hear them. Speakers will also ask for questions from the virtual attendees so you are actively included in the sessions.

Finally, our “roving reporter” Joel Glickman will take you on a virtual tour of the exhibit hall, interview speakers and attendees during the breaks, and even live-stream social events from his mobile device!

View Session Recordings

Once we get the recordings from all of the sessions through post-production and posted, you can go back and watch all the sessions you’d like.

Recordings will be available for at least six months to a year.


Call 1+ 562-726-1800 x201 or email me.

See you virtually in October!

Jack Molisani
Executive Director