About LavaCon

LavaCon is a gathering place for content strategists, documentation managers, and other content professionals.

LavaCon was started in 2002 in Hawaii (hence our name) so attendees can get away from back-to-back deadlines and de-stress long enough to take care of their corporate and professional development.

Our mission: To assist organizations solve content-related business problems, increase revenue, and decrease production costs.

About the Organizer

Jack Molisani

Jack Molisani

Jack Molisani started his conference career planning the STC Year 2000 Pan-Pacific Conference in Hawaii, The LavaCon Conference since 2002, and also leads ProSpring Technical Staffing, a staffing agency specializing in web/mobile developers and content professionals (technical writers, content strategists, content engineers, etc.)

Jack is the author of the Amazon Career and Resume Best-seller Be The Captain of Your Career, is a Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and has spoken on content strategy and techcomm management at more than 50 conferences and meeetings in the US and Europe.