Presentations by Troy Parke

Partnering with Key Stakeholders in UX Strategy

Everyone working on a project has an impact on the end customer and intends to focus on the user experience. Delivering an engaging and usable product or service to customers however, is a journey. As a UX professional, you need to partner effectively with product owners, engineers, executives and other key stakeholders before your work will ever reach the end users you are designing for.
This session will cover how to identify who the key stakeholders in a project are, understanding their perspective and covering tactics for successfully partnering in a UX strategy. How do I help decision makers “get” UX? What is the number one problem stakeholders have in evaluating design? How do I get stakeholders to value research?

Themes and techniques include: working backward from the customer, focusing on the problem instead of the solution, applying your UX research skills to stakeholders and shifting the perception of UX from service to strategy.

About Troy Parke
Big Fish Games

Troy Parke Troy serves as Sr UX Design Manager at Big Fish Games in Seattle, Washington. He leads a team of Product UX/UI and Marketing Designers in unifying the user experience across surfaces, iterative rapid prototyping and delivering metrics-based performance.
Troy is also the Director of UX for UX How—your resource for Product UX Design Manager insights based on his 15 year project and client experience with Rolling Stone, Microsoft, Xbox, RealNetworks, Rhapsody, Nickelodeon, Disney and Marvel.