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Ditching the Desktop: One SaaS Vendor's Leap to Hosted Documentation

Software vendors increasingly provide their products as hosted services, accessible via online APIs and clients. The timeframe for marketing new features and functionality is often short; tight-knit agile teams write, test, and deploy updates within single short sprints.

Documentation must keep up. Enter hosted content providers.

Content management and hosting services can fully eliminate the need for onsite writing and publishing tools and infrastructure, allowing writers to focus their energy on developing content. Rich, interactive content is easier than ever to achieve, without requiring writers to leave the comfort of their browsers.

In this talk, Tanner Volz will describe the exciting process of transforming file-based, linear documentation at iovation (a SaaS vendor), to an agile authoring and delivery process using MindTouch, a feature-rich hosted help and support platform.

About Tanner Volz

tanner volz

Tanner is a technical writer, multimedia developer, and content strategist who has helped design and implement rich documentation solutions since 1998. He has led information architecture projects to meet diverse needs including single-source publishing, low-cost translation, and fully automated content delivery. His information systems have made advanced use of a variety of tools and technologies, including desktop publishing applications, centralized XML repositories, and hosted content management systems. Tanner lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


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