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Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. Adobe’s innovative solutions for technical communicators are market-leading best-of-breed software, and include:

Adobe Framemaker 12
Adobe FrameMaker 12: Easily author, enrich, manage, and publish XML/DITA content with this complete solution for technical documentation.

Adobe Framemaker XML Author 12
Adobe FrameMaker XML Author 12: Experience best-in-class XML/DITA authoring with complete DTD support.

Adobe RoboHelp 11
Adobe RoboHelp 11: Easily create, manage and deliver rich, interactive content experiences across screens.

Adobe TCS 5
Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 (TCS 5): Deliver game-changing technical communication with this future-ready toolkit.

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 12
Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 12: Automatically publish technical content virtually anywhere, from anywhere with this enterprise software.


WebWorks Logo Big
Founded 1992, WebWorks® specializes in software designed specifically for the technical communication industry. WebWorks® has made its name in this industry by constantly challenging, researching, predicting, and self-modifying to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

With WebWorks, technical communication experts can increase documentation value by delivering the best results to management and end users with the most advanced and efficient out-of-the box solutions. WebWorks’s software is utilized by Fortune 500 companies, technical communication professionals, and software development teams worldwide. For more information, visit: www.WebWorks.com


MadCap Software, Inc. is a leading software provider of technical communication applications used to create knowledge bases, online Help systems, policy and procedure manuals, software documentation and more. MadCap Software’s fully integrated suite of products provide single-sourcing content development solutions for multi-language and multi-channel publishing for the web, print, desktop and mobile devices. Service offerings include certified training, consulting and translation services. Through its strategic partner Microsoft Corp., MadCap delivers solutions optimized for Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, and the .NET environment. Headquartered in La Jolla, California, MadCap Software is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the documentation industry, including the original creators of RoboHelp. Learn more at Madcap Software.


The Single-Sourcing Solutions team specializes in everything related to dynamic product information creation, publication, and delivery. With experts for every piece and every phase of the single-source development process, we have implemented single-sourcing systems from scratch and have improved existing systems as well. Our unique partnership approach appeals to groups looking to not only implement solutions or migrate to more innovative content structure, but to become experts themselves.

We have well over a decade’s experience with the Arbortext toolset and in the practical development and deployment of mission-critical, custom XML development and product information solutions. The industries we serve are vast and diverse: Defense, Aerospace, commercial manufacturing, heavy equipment, Medical Device as well as other Life Sciences, Communications, and Government. Learn more at single-sourcing.com.

SDL enables global businesses to engage with their customers in the language, the media, and at the moment they choose. We help businesses manage their brands, drive global revenues, accelerate speed to market and enrich their customers’ experience. SDL’s enterprise-ready innovative technology and service solutions span the entire customer journey and include social listening and marketing analytics, campaign management, language management and services, video and written content creation, web content management, dynamic technical documentation publication, and e-commerce. SDL solutions drive global reach across multiple languages, cultures, channels and media. SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries.
For more information, visit www.sdl.com


easyDITA is a one-of-a-kind product that makes collaboration fun—because anyone and everyone can use it with little to no training. easyDITA has been receiving rave reviews because it is so intuitive and user-friendly that even SMEs use it with enthusiasm. Our customers tell us that easyDITA gives them the freedom to concentrate on their writing instead of their tools. Now that’s more like it! Learn more at easyDITA.com.


Acrolinx technology helps the world’s best companies speak with one voice—with content that’s more findable, readable, and engaging. Our content optimization capabilities help companies like Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens align, enhance, and enrich their marketing and technical information. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, our technology helps our customers stand apart from their competitors by delivering content with greater warmth, readability, and conciseness. Learn more at www.acrolinx.com.

AirWatch b VMware

AirWatch by VMware is the leader in enterprise mobility management, with more than 12,000 global customers. The AirWatch platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content, and browser management solutions. Organizations can implement these solutions across device types and use cases, including complete EMM for corporate and line of business deployments, and containerized solutions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. Acquired by VMware in February 2014, AirWatch is based in Atlanta and can be found online at www.air-watch.com.

VMware is headquartered in Silicon Valley and can be found online at www.vmware.com.


Vasont Systems provides component content management software and XML data services to Fortune 1,000 companies and global organizations from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, publishing, financial, and healthcare. Since 1992, Vasont Systems has helped companies organize their critical business assets, manage productivity, and disseminate information in many languages to multiple media channels while reducing their costs by an average of 63% and shortening overall cycle times by 75% on average. The Company has been named multiple times to the EContent 100 list of “best and brightest digital content companies. Vasont Systems is a member of the www.TransPerfect.com family of companies. For more information, see www.vasont.com.

Founded in 1990, Mekon are leading UK consultants and systems integrators. We are focused on increasing the effectiveness of your content creation, management and delivery. Faced with insufficient staff and ever increasing demand for output, organizations today often require some support to ensure project success. That support should incorporate best practice, risk management and customer- and ROI-led planning. Mekon provide a well-defined, end-to-end methodology and service that balances strategic guidance and training with the technical capabilities to make a solution a reality. We specialize in systems that allow reuse and recombination of content for flexible, scalable two-way publication, across multiple formats and via the latest publishing media.

Experience with all the major publishing, DITA, S1000D and XML technology vendors gives Mekon a unique and un-biased insight into which technologies are suitable for specific client needs. We are one of the few organizations to successfully implement XML in both the non-technical enterprise content space and traditional technical and professional publishing. As a result Mekon are ideally placed to help you use your content as a strategic business asset. Learn more at http://mekon.com

Thirty Six Software

SmartDocs is the only content management solution that allows your company’s writers to author, track, manage, and reuse content without leaving their Microsoft Word environment. With SmartDocs, content is authored once, approved once, and then reused over and over again. Track, share, search, find, and reuse your content across documents and across departments. SmartDocs is used by teams of writers to create documents faster and improve the quality of the documents they create. SmartDocs allows writers to take advantage of content reuse directly in MS Word by incorporating features such as: reusable snippets writers can track, find, store, manage, and reuse; powerful conditional text capabilities generate multiple outputs out of a single document; reusable variables ensure accuracy regardless of context; automated document assembly — take the guess-work out of content reuse; SmartDocs Content Map. Navigate large Word documents easily and efficiently. Learn more at www.thirtysix.net.


Antidot’s Fluid Topics is a cutting-edge dynamic content management solution. It is ideally suited for customer support, vastly improving problem resolution and customer satisfaction. Fluid Topics provides web-based technical content publishing with intuitive and full-featured interface. It combines multi-sourced content to create a unified knowledge hub. It makes this actionable information easily accessible across any channel, on any device, thanks to state-of-the-art semantic search and an embedded reader streaming the content. Advanced features such as personal book creation streamline collaboration and foster user engagement. More information at http://www.fluidtopics.com and http://www.antidot.net.


ProSpring is a staffing agency that specializes in engineers, project managers, and content developers. Need a contract or perm Technical Writer, Content Strategist, or User Experience Designer? Learn more at http://prospringstaffing.com

Oberon Technologies

Oberon Technologies partners with our customers and leading software suppliers to provide innovative solutions for creating, sharing and delivering information. Our extensive experience and expertise designing, developing and deploying these solutions has helped hundreds of companies reduce costs, increase revenue and improve quality. We are known for our integrity, accountability and commitment in every engagement.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Create, share and deliver your content more easily and efficiently.
  • Automate your content creation, sharing and delivery processes.
  • Deliver personalized information for a better customer experience.
  • Deliver your content to any device.
  • Increase revenue by re-packaging your content into new offerings.

Leverage across industries, technologies and services engagements to ensure a successful project: www.oberontech.com


Bluestream’s flag-ship product XDocs, enables organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition, with comparable or better quality, thus offering unparalleled value. XDocs is an out-of-the-box, DITA-enabled component content management system that deploys in hours rather than weeks, is easy to use, and has a tight integration with various XML editors. Its flexible unlimited user licensing and optional modules such as work flow, knowledge base, online reviewing, and translation manager allow for economical end-to-end content creation, management, and publishing of content. XDocs customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental DITA solutions to small businesses containing single author documentation teams. Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing and finance. Learn more at www.bluestream.com.


Content Strategy Alliance

The ​Content Strategy Alliance is working to bring together like-minded professionals focused on establishing content strategy as a recognized, understood and respected discipline. We hope to provide the CS community and businesses​ with thought leadership, information on jobs, case studies, best practices, a forum to discuss issues with others in the field ​and other opportunities as we think of them or members suggest them.

​Membership is free.​ Learn more at: contentstrategyalliance.com

​”Exciting times are ahead…”​


Producing HTML5 or EPUB 3 output? These formats have marked an exciting trend toward enhanced web pages and ebooks enabling content producers such as yourself to publish fresh content with rich features. Is the math in your content one of those rich features? It should be! When your math is encoded in MathML, you’ll expand your audience through accessibility, search, and localization features, you’ll save money by not restructuring your math content for each delivery platform, and you’ll impress your audience by providing content that can be exchanged with applications ranging from computer algebra systems to learning systems. Let us show you how Design Science’s MathFlow and our other products can help you make good on the promise of enriched content. Learn more about Design Science at http://www.dessci.com/.


Stilo International specializes in helping organizations automate the conversion of their content into different XML formats, placing authors in control of the process. Whether you need to convert a few hundred or tens of thousands of pages of content to DITA or custom XML, join us at LavaCon 2014 to discover why Migrate is the cloud conversion service of choice for customers including IBM, Cisco, VCE, TIBCO, Cassidian, Extreme Networks, Micron and Varian Medical Systems. We will also be unveiling AuthorBridge—a new web-based authoring solution for occasional contributors—and will demonstrate how the gatekeepers of enterprise content management systems can ensure that only high-quality DITA is submitted by SMEs, as they continue to use their everyday authoring tools. Visit www.stilo.com for more information.


Kinetic is the only company in the world that works exclusively on your behalf—putting you, the translation buyer in full control—to improve quality, shorten delivery times and lower translation expenses. We’re revolutionizing the translation procurement and management process. Our unique, vendor-independent translation process management software puts an end to the countless phone calls, meetings, emails and texts it typically takes to manage multiple projects. It transforms the translation buying process from a series of hurdles to a strategic competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace for you and your company.
What translation buyers want, Kinetic delivers. Learn more at http://www.thetechnologyagency.com/.

oXygen XML editor is the best XML editor available, with a large number of users ranging from non-technical to XML experts offering both XML development and XML authoring.

The XML authoring support is available on multiple platforms, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc. in different forms:

  • as a desktop application
  • as an Eclipse plugin
  • as a Java component working inside a custom Java application or working within a browser as an Applet
  • as a Web application running on a server and providing a HTML5+Javascript interface, thus making XML accessible from mobile devices, smart phones and tablets

oXygen offers ready-to-use DITA support including visual editing, DITA-OT integration, DITA maps manager and much more. Its change tracking and annotation support, coupled with the possibility to create simplified user interfaces and its availability across platforms make it an ideal tool for capturing content from SMEs or for reviewing DITA documents. oxygenxml.com

Scriptorium helps companies with large amounts of technical content streamline their publishing processes, which results in cost reduction and quality improvements. If you are responsible for technical content, you face a bewildering array of possibilities—XML-based authoring, traditional help authoring tools, wikis, customer-generated content, and much more. In a content strategy analysis, we review your existing content lifecycle, identify requirements, and then recommend a solution that fits your organizational constraints. Learn more at scriptorium.com.


DCL is a leader in creating high-quality digital products, helping organizations everywhere maximize the value of their content assets investment. DCL’s process ensures that content quality meets the highest standards. With expertise across industries including life sciences, government, manufacturing, technology and professional organizations, DCL provides advanced technology and US-based project management teams to help solve the most complex conversion challenges securely, accurately and on time. Founded in 1981, DCL has been named to EContent’s Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry for three years running, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

For more information see www.dclab.com


Simply XML™ provides simple solutions for creating and publishing XML content.  Our goal is to allow everyone in the enterprise to take advantage of information standards including DITA, NLM, DocBook, other industry or custom standards by providing authors with simple, cost effective tools for creating, storing, managing and publishing valid, high-quality XML from Microsoft® Word.  We believe that standards adoption and the related benefits will accelerate when the vast majority of authors who use Microsoft Word can easily contribute content and documents to the corporate publishing system.  Simply XML offers software and related training that is changing the value proposition for this industry. Learn more at http://www.simplyxml.com.


Gnostyx Research Inc. equips organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to make the most of applied content technologies. A global, digital economy demands flexibility and efficiency in how organizations acquire, manage and publish content. Responding to this demand, organizations must find a way to tap into the content technology marketplace while remaining firmly in control of their investments and their content assets. To help organizations to meet this challenge, Gnostyx provides strategic guidance, implementation assistance, learning opportunities, and reusable technology components – all based on open content standards and on decades of experience implementing cost-effective and sustainable content solutions. Learn more at http://www.gnostyx.com


JustSystems is a leading global software provider with over three decades of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. JustSystems continues its global expansion strategy based on its XMetaL content lifecycle solutions, the world’s most complete and user-friendly XML authoring tool. JustSystems has received many industry accolades including: KMWorld’s 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management in 2012, EContent 100 Companies that Matter the Most in Digital Content in 2011, KMWorld’s Trend Setting Product of 2011, amongst many others. For more information, visit www.xmetal.com.

Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in the XML content management software industry. Today, its signature products DITA CMS and TEXTML Server provide innovative and enterprise-class solutions for mission critical applications. DITA CMS is an award winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) that has been deployed by industry leaders such as SAP®, ARM®, AMD and BlackBerry®. From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, DITA CMS provides all the tools required for large organizations to support their entire DITA documentation process. IXIASOFT is also the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and powerful search engine. IXIASOFT solutions are accessed by thousands of users worldwide in various vertical markets such as software, hi-tech, and medical device manufacturing. For more information, please visit www.ixiasoft.com or connect with IXIASOFT on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Media and Other Sponsors


TechWhirl is an online resource for anyone interested in the world of Content Management and Technical Communication. Experienced veterans, up-and-coming professionals, students, and leaders in the business can explore TechWhirl to find new, compelling, thought-provoking, and helpful information on creating and managing the information assets critical to every enterprise. From educational and research content to the latest news, features, and commentary, TechWhirl offers something for everyone who needs to know about technical communication and content management. We love this stuff and think that you should too so visit us at TechWhirl.Com or @techwritertoday.


An open-source collaboration leader since 2005, MindTouch provides the world’s most respected social knowledge base, with a focus on product help, support, and technical documentation.

Great companies like Oracle, Cisco, Intuit, Paypal, Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard, Mozilla, HTC, Viacom, Panasonic and EMC rely on MindTouch commercial products. Learn more at www.mindtouch.com.

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s largest trade association for the language industry with over 400 member companies in more than 50 countries. As a non-profit organization, we provide resources, education, advocacy, and research for thousands of global companies. GALA’s mission is to support our members and the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology. For more information: www.gala-global.org


EContent is a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing, targeting executives and decision-makers in these fast-changing markets. By covering the latest tools, strategies, and thought-leaders in the digital content ecosystem, EContent magazine and EContentmag.com keep professionals ahead of the curve in order to maximize their investment in digital content strategies while building sustainable, profitable business models. Subscribe to our free eNEws letter at http://www.econtentmag.com.

MultiLingual Computing, Inc. is the leading source of information for the language industry and businesses with global communications needs. The magazine MultiLingual is distributed in print and digital format nine times a year (eight issues plus an annual resource directory/index) to readers in 87 countries. We cover topics ranging from technical internationalization to project management to language histories. We review new products and books and give you the latest news and opinions. The MultiLingual News e-newsletter keeps you up to date with all of the industry news. There’s no charge for this service. You can opt-in by following this link. Don’t worry, we do not reveal e-mail addresses to anyone! You can opt-out at any time.

We produce Localization World, a conference and dedicated to the language and localization industries, in partnership with The Localization Institute. International product and marketing managers from high-tech, automotive, medical, financial and other manufacturing and service industries come to Localization World to meet language service and technology providers and to network with their peers in other companies and industries. Information on past and future conferences can be found on the website.
XML Press
XML Press was founded in 2008 to publish content that helps technical communicators be more effective. Our publications support managers, social media practitioners, content strategists, technical communicators, and engineers; anyone designing, engineering, developing, or delivering content.