Presentations by Scott Youngblom

DITA and The Content Delivery Management Imperative

Managing the delivery of content to customers is a different discipline than managing the content during the creation, review and approval process. The content delivery process has its own actors, its own challenges, and thus requires its own tools. Today’s information consumers expect more than a PDF on a web server. They want to be able to quickly and easily access exactly the information they require, from anywhere, using any device (mobile devices, laptops, etc.). Also, modern technical communication must be a two-way street; in many cases, your customers know as much or more on the topic than the documentation authors, and the failure to capture that knowledge is a hidden cost in traditional, static, one-way documentation production processes. This presentation will discuss some of the content delivery possibilities enabled by DITA-based content, including topic-level delivery, on-demand generation of customized publications, and feedback loops from the end user to the author.

In this session you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the possibilities available in the distribution of DITA-based documentation
  • Learn about a number of approaches for managing the content delivery process
  • Learn about best practices for managing content delivery


About Scott Youngblom
Co-founder, Oberon Technologies

Scott YoungblomScott Youngblom is a co-founder of Oberon Technologies, a leading provider of automated publishing IT solutions based on XML and SGML. With a degree in Communications and Business, Scott has an information technology career spanning over 25 years, with over 18 of them specifically involved with automated publishing solutions, including 12 years with Arbortext (now PTC). Having started out as a programmer in his early career, Scott has taken his technical background (along with his knowledge of various “best-of-breed” software publishing technologies) and applied them to Fortune 2000 organizations in support of meeting specific business requirements such as increasing company revenue, decreasing expenses to improve company margins, or meeting regulatory compliance and quality standards.  He has worked with several organizations over the course of his career such as John Deere, Pearson Publishing, Abbott Laboratories, Eli Lilly, Johnson Controls, Department of Defense, Northwestern Life, Social Security Administration, General Motors, and many other companies from all industries.