Pre-registration is open. Register before the preliminary program is published in mid April and bring your boss or colleague for free.

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  • You may cancel pre-registrations without penalty until 30 days before the conference.
  • If you don’t know who the attendees will be, write “TBD” on the registration form and supply the names later.
  • You may change the names on the registration at any time.

Build a Business Case to Attend

Need to justify attending?

First, see Jack Molisani’s session Building a Business Case for Content Initiatives.

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Then print the 2014 conference schedule and highlight the sessions you believe will save your company money and increase revenue. State that the 2015 conference will have similar sessions and that attending LavaCon will save your company far more than the cost of attending. Then add that you can bring your boss or colleague for free if you register by January 15th, and that it is risk free since you can cancel your pre-registration at any time without penalty.

2014 LavaCon Schedule

Have questions or need more information? Call or email Jack Molisani at 562-726-1800 x201.

See you in Portland!