Presentations by Marta Rauch

Delighting Mobile Customers with Content for Apps, Videos, and a Social Media Campaign

Learn how your team can delight customers by leveraging your content across multiple channels. Hear how an information development team added value to a release and received positive feedback from customers. Find out best practices for:

  • Developing mobile content for mobile app stores, an in-app tour, mobile-friendly docs, and a responsive-design library
  • Running a social media campaign on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Creating a mobile video and posting it on a mobile YouTube channel
  • Validating results through analytics and customer feedback
  • Communicating wins to demonstrate the department’s value to the organization

About Marta Rauch
Senior Principal Information Developer, Oracle

Marta RauchMarta Rauch is a Senior Principal Information Developer at Oracle, where she develops content for mobile and cloud products, including API docs. She enjoys sharing content strategy best practices with worldwide audiences, and contributed to The Language of Content Strategy, by Rahel Bailie and Scott Abel. Marta has received 15 STC awards at the regional and international level, and is an STC Associate Fellow and Vice President of the Silicon Valley Chapter. With over 111,000 social media connections, she is ranked by CircleCount in the top 170 U.S. women and top 450 worldwide on Google+.