Presentations by Kimberlee Adam and Peyton Bentley

Building Effective Relationships for a Cross-Organizational Project

Using interactive workshop scenarios, attendees will learn to apply techniques for building effective relationships within a multidimensional team.

You will learn the following:

  • Building trust by:
    • Resolving conflict with respectful interactions
    • Effectively communicating information to empower all stakeholders
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
    • Holding informational sessions for stakeholders throughout the process
  • Making decisions and sticking with them by:
    • Leading effective meetings
    • Engaging the appropriate stakeholders at the proper time during the project
    • Assigning responsibilities and providing support for task completion
    • Documenting decisions for posterity
  • Aligning vision by:
    • Clarifying benefits and expectations with executive sponsors
    • Communicating project plan via project charters
    • Communicating project status to adjust expectations

About Kimberlee Adam and Peyton Bentley
Kaplan Professional Education


Kimberlee is the DITA Systems Manager for Kaplan Professional Education, a premier provider of licensing exam prep and continuing education for businesses and individuals in a variety of financial and professional business sectors. Kimberlee brings to this role a wealth of professional background in project management and performance training, and is currently completing her Masters of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University.

As an experienced project manager and professional educator, Kimberlee is passionate about building high-performing partnerships with cross-functional groups and leading complex change initiatives that can ultimately help Kaplan students better achieve their education goals.


Peyton Bentley is an Information Architect at Kaplan Professional Education who has worked in printing and publishing for almost twenty years. He has been involved with numerous aspects of the industry, from editing to layout to printing. His interest in emerging technologies drew him to eBook development and then to DITA.

As the primary Information Architect for Kaplan Professional Education, he has been involved with developing Information Architecture-related roles and responsibilities, designing the KPE content model, and converting legacy content to DITA-based framework.