Presentations by Joe Welinske

Highlights from the ConveyUX Conference

The second annual ConveyUX Conference took place in Seattle on February 5–7. The event hosted 327 attendees from 30 states and 13 countries. There were 31 speakers and over 40 presentations. The speakers included Don Norman, Susan Weinschenk, Kelly Goto, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Whitney Quesenbery, Kel Smith, Steven Hoober, and many more.

As ConveyUX Program Manager, Joe Welinske was right in the middle of all the activity. This session will highlight many of the interesting ideas, observations, statements, and claims made by the presenters. This presentation will provide a glimpse at what many of your colleagues see as being key to the UX field today.

About Joe Welinske

joe welinske

Joe specializes in helping improve software development effort through crafted communication. The best user experience features quality words and images in the user interface. The UX of a robust product is also enhanced through comprehensive user assistance. This includes Help, wizards, FAQs, videos and much more.

For over 25 years, Joe has been providing training, contracting, and consulting services for the software industry. Joe is the Program Manager for the ConveyUX conference—any event produced by Seattle-based design firm Blink UX. Joe also teaches courses in usability testing and content development at Bellevue College. He recently published the book Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps.