Track: Stakeholder Management

After this session, attendees will understand how to overcome common objections to sharing content and using DITA across functions, as well as have an actionable approach to gain cross functional buy-in.

Maxwell Hoffmann
Adobe Systems

This session will teach you how to adjust your attitude and viewpoint towards your evolving role and the changing list of tools you must use. Many of us have become attached to certain brands, tools, standards, etc. Our overriding goal must be to deliver the most effective content to the most people in the shortest period of time possible. That may mean working with software or tools you are not “fond” of. Who cares? Your customers certainly don’t!

We are in a decade of massive change in regards to who owns and who creates content. Nobody knows what devices, authoring tools or content management solutions we will be using years from now.

Attend this session and find out how to strap on your career “life vest” and stay afloat in a vast sea of change. Don’t hesitate to jump in, the water is fine!