Track: Generating Revenue

Content is developed to transfer knowledge. To successfully transfer knowledge, there has to be an understanding. If we can bring an audience to an understanding, then we can move them from one point to another. Audiences should be moved in a way to benefit the business, and measures of content should track this movement. This presentation will go over advance tracking technologies and show what metrics content creators can use to show their contribution to businesses today.

Jennifer Fell
Content Strategist

Technical content creates a bridge between people and technology. Historically, that bridge has been between users and the technology they rely on to do their jobs. Today, technology is integral to business. Technology has moved from IT back rooms to C-level offices, and the decision-makers are more technology-literate than ever before. Technical content is now a bridge between executives and technical solutions that drive their businesses.

What is your strategy for technical content as part of the sales process?

In this session, Jennifer Fell will discuss how technical content can influence decision-makers, demonstrate thought-leadership, accelerate sales, and help turn buyers into evangelists. She’ll look at how your technical content is being used in the sales process already, and how you can begin to design the technical sales content experience. She’ll also look at the relationships among standard content types, including demos, training, and tutorials. This session will offer you new ways to think about connecting customers and your business.

Joe Lopata
Quicken Loans

In this session, attendees will learn how a fully developed content strategy allows for the easy implementation of an inbound/relationship marketing strategy. Make your content a profit center by driving leads and moving your clients through the purchase process; establish relationships with clients not ready to purchase now to keep your organization at the top of their minds until they are ready.

By utilizing the tools of content strategy and a variety of communications channels (blogs, email and social media), you can use already existing content or plan new content to implement a relationship strategy that supports your business goals. In fact, without content strategy, relationship marketing can’t work!

Margaret Nicoll
MAKA Digital

When brands become useful to their audience, they create value and loyalty. And, as it turns out, they can also make and save a lot of money. In this session, Margaret will dissect utilitarian content that was created based on search insights and drove revenue gains for UGG Australia, Sanuk and Teva. Join this session to learn how to leverage SEO and search trends to create useful, consumer centric content.

Attendees will learn how to identify key content opportunities based on SEO, search trends and other forms of listening data that drive revenue or reduce costs for eCommerce brands. Margaret will also discuss how to work with large organizations and teams in to get that content created, and identify stakeholders that need to be involved in the process.

Martin Jones
Cox Communications

Now more than ever before, business leaders are expected to demonstrate a bottom-line ROI on content, social media and related tactics. However, while more and more content is being churned out, many organizations are not seeing the results they expected.

The challenge isn’t simply to deliver leads to the organization—the challenge is to deliver long-term relationships, and to do so your content must be able to attract, nurture and convert casual visitors into engaged consumers and customers.

Many organizations are missing only one or two key ingredients that will take their current strategy from average to amazing. This session provides the solution in three simple steps.

Takeaways of this session include:

  • A frontline discovery strategy that reveals what consumers really want from you
  • A three-step content plan that will make the sales department fall in love with marketing
  • Five amazing tools and apps that will transform your current strategy

This session will explore how one organization used gamification to ease culture change and improve engagement and buy-in, speed pre-DITA-conversion content clean-up, and reduce the volume of required post-conversion adjustments.