Track: Management and Implementation

Amber Hunt
Quicken Loans

Ever wonder why your beautifully charted plans often don’t see the light of day? Are you having a hard time convincing stakeholders to get on board with your strategy? Sometimes even the most carefully articulated strategy on the most bright and shiny spreadsheet needs a little help from some friends, and this session will teach you how to gain the support you need to get your strategy off the ground.

After this session, attendees will better be able to:

  • Carefully listen, come to agreement, and reposition strategy in order to meet stakeholders’ true goals.
  • Turn “mistakes” into opportunities.
  • See content strategy work through completion, rather than getting stopped in the approval phase.

What holds brands back from creating engaging, effective content typically isn’t  talent, but rather a complex cobweb of rules, regulations and business processes
that get in the way.

The best content marketing brands embrace a “culture of content.” They  have a collaborative spirit. Leaders know how to articulate visions. Messaging
foundations are documented. Approvals are swift and nimble. And creative  professionals have the resources they need to execute engaging content in real

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your personal communication leadership style and effectively manage your team.
  • Create organizational systems that empower everyone to positively contribute to your content marketing efforts.
  • Respond swiftly to events and take advantage of real-time marketing.
  • Teach your team to speak in one cohesive and unified brand voice.
  • Set up balanced processes that both mitigate risk and improve the flow of content creation.
Edwina Lui
Kaplan Publishing

Kaplan Publishing has engaged in several efforts to develop an end-to-end digital workflow focused on digital product innovation, to varying degrees of success.

This session will cover:

  • Lessons learned from three separate digital product/workflow development projects
  • The importance of team size and composition to project success
  • Real-world pitfalls of sizing a team too large or too small

Aforementioned projects that will be discussed:

  • Enterprise CMS and content model implementation
  • A four-person digital product development task force
  • Interdepartmental digital workflow implementation