Track: User Experience

Traditionally, taxonomy and metadata development have existed in the rarefied realm of logic and theory. But to truly deliver against omni-channel market demands on enterprise content management, Factor has found that solid structure must be informed by an intimate understanding of business and user goals that only UX techniques can provide.

Bram Wessel from Factor is here to show you how to make your elegant information constructs consequential in the real world.

This session will demonstrate how to use activities and deliverables from the UX discipline to develop taxonomies and metadata that deliver valuable results for businesses and users now, and stand up to the challenge of the accelerating shift to an omni-channel content paradigm.

Kathy Wagner and Melissa Breker
Content Strategy Inc.

Your customer’s experience doesn’t begin or end with your content. It’s simply one touch-point of many. By understanding the entire customer journey, you’re better equipped to provide the right content at the right time and in the right place to meet both user and organizational needs.

We’ll show you how you can use customer journeys to identify user-focused content requirements and understand how content supports a larger user experience. We’ll discuss content considerations at each journey stage and identify ways that content can encourage users to progress through their journey.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Six different aspects of content to consider when mapping content to customer journeys
  • Four steps to creating, visualizing, and using content mapping.
  • Three ways to gain quick wins with content
Mike Maass
Citrix Systems

In this session, Mike Maass will discuss his team’s approach to revamping Citrix’s intranet and its performance management system, along with other projects. This transformation has provided a radically better employee experience at Citrix, and has saved the company money in the process.

This presentation will showcase his team’s three-part strategy for this key UX initiative:

  • Secure executive support up front by defining a compelling UX vision for each project, while also showing time and money lost to dealing with subpar internal services
  • Put projects in the hands of UX professionals—product designers, editors, and engineers—not IT, HR and other internal service teams
  • Use experience-first prototypes to secure stakeholder and employee support
Pamela Noreault
ACI Worldwide

You will walk away from this session armed with the tools to successfully engage customers in a way that impacts the content you create. This session will cover:

  • Creating a customer engagement strategy
  • Learning customer engagement approaches and opportunities
  • Understanding when and how to engage potential customers
  • Determining your content strategy based on your ongoing customer engagement results
  • Measuring success to save time and increase revenue