Track: Social Strategy

Ben Rubenstein
Tech Target

More interaction sounds nice, but what’s it really worth to your business?

This case study will show how TechTarget leverages user-generated content to meet business goals and increase traffic, registrations and leads while also providing an improved user experience across 80 sites. In addition to exploring specific strategies, he’ll cover the various obstacles encountered along the way, from wrangling development resources to getting the buy-in of the employees who make it all work.

Darin McClure
Ready To Go Information Technologies

Darin McClure’s favorite way of social sharing (as taught by Scott Abel at a recent LavaCon conference) no longer works because Google Reader shut down the RSS feeds.

There is a solution. As a longtime content curator, the shutdown of Google Reader removed a lynchpin to how Darin taught people to share their interests in their niches. This solution, once set up, should keep your timelines full for the foreseeable future.

In this session, attendees will learn how to share posts from Google Plus to their important social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) with a branded URL and statistics.

Pamela Noreault
ACI Worldwide