Presentations by Brian Trombley and Robert Wheeler

ASME's Digital Path Initiative: Don't Make a Molehill Out of a Mountain!

Every decision should be examined from the perspective of ROI. ASME’s path has not been an easy one; many of challenges occurred as a result of early decisions that were made based on a limited perspective of the full project and business requirements. Pitfalls of a large undertaking have dramatic implications for the people, processes, technologies and finances of an organization.

This session will highlight particular issues, including:

  • How early decisions influence the course of a project
  • How to respond to the project as it emerges
  • How to borrow from agile principles
  • What to do if you inherit a project midstream

Other topics such as choosing the right partners, understanding scope, identifying anomalies and differences in content, gauging complexities, and when and how to take corrective action while still making progress, will also be covered.

About Brian Trombley and Robert Wheeler

robert wheeler

Robert has 20+ years of STM/STEM publishing experience ranging from the front end of production, working with authors, to online publishing and archiving, and almost everything in between. Currently the Director of Publishing Technologies at ASME, he worked previously at AIP as the Product Manager and Operations Manager of the online publishing platform, Scitation, and the Production Operations Support Manager for their in-house typesetting division. He also worked at Springer/Kluwer Academic as part of a small team devoted to the planning, design, and implementation of electronic initiatives across the enterprise, spearheading a number of projects focused on XML content and digital workflows.


Brian-TrombleyBrian Trombley has over 30 years experience in helping clients implement content oriented processes and technologies for all aspects of publishing across a wide range of industry verticals. An early practitioner of structured content methodologies, Mr. Trombley was at the forefront of the SGML and XML revolutions and has helped clients successfully manage change and convert and leverage content for maximum business value.