Presentations by William Lesguillier

From Static Books to Dynamic Semantic Publishing for your Documentation

People want the same experience with technical documentation that they have on Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Twitter. It must be fast, fun, and efficient. But the reality is far from that. While authoring solutions have greatly evolved over the last ten years, their publishing counterparts are still stuck in a static “flat and fat” HTML or PDF based document generation model delivering a poor user experience.

By switching from this print-oriented view to a new topics- web- and user-centric approach, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to leverage their documentation, provide new features and improve their customer relationship.

After having gone through the analysis of what is wrong with publishing technical documentation today, see how to create a new user experience using Antidot Fluid Topics — taking full advantage of the structured documentation approach to integrate the principles of dynamic semantic publishing.

About William Lesguillier

williamWilliam Lesguillier is a presales consultant at Antidot, the software editor developing Fluid Topics a game changing DITA publishing solution. William has a strong Information Management background with consulting experiences in different contexts like knowledge management for the French Ministry of Defense or business process and quality management for the Ministry of Economy in Andalucia. Today he focuses on data leveraging and search solutions with Antidot, a leading software vendor in the search and information management market.