Presentations by Wendy Schaffer

The vSphere Web Client Video Project:
A Case Study in Cross-team Content Strategy

In 2012, VMware introduced a new Web-based client for its flagship vSphere product that presented a very different user experience from the previous installed client. The company was concerned that customers might balk at adopting the new software because the user experience was unfamiliar.

In this session, attendees will learn how the VMware Technical Publications team led a crossfunctional effort to create a library of videos to help customers make the transition to the new client. We involved a number of teams across the company in every stage of the process from identifying which workflows to document through scripting and production of the videos. I’ll discuss how we gathered input from various teams to shape our strategy. For example, the user experience and technical marketing teams provided feedback from customer demos on troublesome workflows. I’ll also describe how the cross-team collaboration with our technical marketing and support teams, who also produce video, prevented duplication of effort. The end result was a series of more than 20 videos that gathered over 50,000 views in the first several weeks they were live.

About Wendy Schaffer

Wendy ShafferWendy Shaffer is a staff technical writer in the VMware Technical Publications department, and was one of the lead writers in the vSphere Web Client video effort. She also has extensive experience in online Help architecture and strategy, and in authoring content in DITA/XML.