Presentations by Victoria Koster-Lenhardt

The Expanding Role of Content Professionals:
Seize the Opportunity!

Due to no fault of your own, you never know when you’re going to get laid off these days. So be prepared. Even though the US economy and jobs for content professionals are looking up, our industry is going through a major paradigm shift. And it’s not about tools. Some people say it’s time to adapt or die. In fact, the leaders in our field do just that. They adapt. What it really takes is knowing and doing work you want to do that people want to pay for, expanding your skills to match your passions and core values, becoming a recognized expert, and embracing the lessons from your perceived failures.

It also takes a lifetime of networking where you allow yourself to be known. It’s about engaging with people who you find interesting and want to work with professionally. Every time you meet someone, your journey has the potential for positive change. “Everything you do counts,” wrote Joan Didion in many of her writings. Every person you meet matters. This keynote session will inspire you to explore a new course for your professional life; one that is more rewarding and fulfilling. There is nothing accidental about your career. Your dream job is closer than you think. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

LavaCon 2013 Keynote #1: Victoria Koster-Lenhardt: The Expanding Role of Content Professionals: Seize the Opportunity! from LavaCon Conference on Vimeo.

About Victoria Koster-Lenhardt
Global Employment Consultant to the US State Department

Victoria Koster-Lenhardt Vici is a US Government contractor consulting on overseas family member employment issues. She supports more than 40 US embassies in Europe by coaching family members of US Department of State staff on finding meaningful work while living overseas. It’s her latest stop in a journey that started with a job in journalism in New York City. A chance meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1983 led to a marriage proposal and a move to Austria, where she has lived for 26 years. Vici worked at The Coca-Cola Company in Vienna for 21 years, managing the Documentation Department for 16 years, then moving into global corporate communications.

After being laid off in 2010, Vici’s legendary networking skills helped her land a job as Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Austria’s top law firm. Eight months later, a colleague there handed Vici the description for the global employment consultant position and said, “I think this is the perfect job for you!”