Presentations by Tom Aldous

Executing Your Content Strategy:
Governance, Optimization, and Analytics

In this session, Tom Aldous from Acrolinx will present a practical view of the key components of making content strategy happen. Using concrete real-life examples, the presentation will show how executing on a content strategy means implementing three aspects: governance, optimization, and analytics.

Governance means setting standards and setting up processes to ensure that standards are maintained. Content Analytics are critical in understanding where your content needs attention, and delivering metrics and reporting on content. The final piece of the puzzle is Content Optimization, which involves ensuring that content creators get the support they need in writing content that is findable (“search-ready”), translatable (“global-ready”), and in tune with its target audience (“people-ready”).

About Tom Aldous
Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Acrolinx

Tom AldousAs a decades-long veteran of the TechPubs industry, Tom utilizes his vast knowledge of content development and management to guide Acrolinx’s vision and accelerate its growth as a champion of content optimization. Tom has a keen gift for anticipating trends and fully leveraging new opportunities that appear on the horizon. Working in his capacity as a leader of global operations, Tom’s focus is on driving sales and demand generation. He previously served as the Director of TechCom Business Development and Evangelism at Adobe Systems, Inc. Before that, he was the President of Integrated Technologies, Inc. for over 20 years.