Presentations by Steve Walker

Selling Your Content Strategy to Executives

Content is everywhere, in every company, but not every executive sees the financial benefit. In this session, we’ll use story-building techniques to market your content strategy to the Executives and prove how a well-developed business plan with a story equals a bigger budget.

About Steve Walker
Experis Global Content Solutions

Steve WalkerSteve Walker, Senior Director in the Experis Global Content Solutions practice, draws upon his 19 years’ experience in helping organizations strategically create, manage, and deliver information worldwide. Technology agnostic, he brings a breadth of knowledge in content and resource management to solving complex business challenges related to content.

As a thought leader in the Enterprise Content Management space, Steve focuses on identifying innovative solutions in the content creation, management, and distribution processes. Hands-on experience in business strategy creation, software development, content authoring, content management system implementation, and business and IT consulting has provided Steve a diverse background for providing a unique business perspective. Steve educates clients on various trends in Content Management and how to leverage the current technology to address client specific goals and objectives.