Presentations by Stacey Brown

GALA presents: Quality Control for Translations
The Best Plans, Processes, and People

On behalf of the Globalization and Localization Association, Stacey Brown will examine the best practices in quality assurance for translation projects. We’ll cover practical steps for planning or improving QA processes and for cultivating qualified staff. We’ll also explore different ways to optimize the process for the capabilities of the QA testers. Learn more about different types of testing (language reviews, formatting, functionality, automation) and how to effectively combine these processes to produce the right quality for your job.

About Stacey Brown
Talent Management Specialist and President of Mindlink Resources, LLC

Stacey BrownStacey Brown has a passion for surrounding herself with talented people. For the past 15 years she has successfully built teams of contractors providing a variety of services at large fortune 500 companies in the Pacific Northwest. She specifically has over 12 years of experience recruiting, training and managing QA specialists.  Stacey has a degree in Communications and an MBA in Technology Management.