Presentations by Shawn Prenzlow

A Content Strategist’s Toolbox for Resource and Budget Planning

You’re defining your project strategy, maybe started your content inventory or audit. But before long you’ll need to tell the powers-that-be what resources you’ll need for the project and how much it’s all going to cost.

There are many “Content Strategy 101” resources, but what about “Content Resourcing 101” and “Content Budgeting 101”? Where is that information? It’s in this workshop! Shawn Prenzlow, an experienced Content Strategist with 20 years of content-planning experience, will share the fruits of long labor with you. After planning dozens of real-life projects, that were funded and that shipped(!), she can’t wait to tell you how she did it.

This workshop will include several examples of resource evaluations and plans for projects: some small, some large; some simple and some multi-channel. Along the way, Shawn will also describe how she thinks through options for building scalable, non-traditional resource models that are uniquely structured for a project’s individual needs. She’ll also spend a goodly chunk of time with Excel, demonstrating the budget-estimating methodology she uses for each project.

After attending this mini-workshop, you will be able to:

  • Prepare a detailed, quantifiable justification for their project resource requests
  • Create a spreadsheet-based budget estimate for a content project
  • Identify non-traditional options for resourcing their project

About Shawn Prenzlow
Team Manager and Content Strategist, Steyer Associates

Shawn PrenzlowShawn Prenzlow has over 20 years of experience as a team manager and content strategist in technical content and executive communications.

Shawn’s first professional role was as the Lone Bastion of Communications at a small non-profit organization. After two years of going it alone with only unpaid volunteer resources, she made a death-defying leap to Microsoft. For twelve years she grew there, clawing her way up from editor to Principal Content Manager. She is now the Senior Content Strategist at Steyer Associates, Inc., a premier staffing agency for the U.S. Tech Comms industry.

Shawn has led projects for a spectrum of audiences, including those as massive as Microsoft and its PC-manufacturing hardware and software partners, down to the boutique niche audiences of small non-profit organizations. Shawn is passionate about crafting the perfect strategy for each new project and client, creating deeply detailed project plans and budgets, and building creatively-sourced content teams that turn concepts into reality.