Presentations by Sharmila Rammohan

Using Visual Communication to Enhance Documentation for Multicultural Audiences

The written word can be interpreted in different ways depending on the audience. How can we ensure that our multicultural audiences easily understand the information we present in technical documentation? This session will focus on how to convert complex information using appropriate visual aids and will cover a broad range of topics in visual technical communication, including basic design principles applicable to any medium; effective presentation of concepts, procedures, reference information, and numerical data to make documentation easy to understand for global audiences. It will be a mini-workshop with some example exercises.

About Sharmila Rammohan
Manager of Technical Publications, Synopsys

Sharmila Rammohan Sharmila Rammohan is the manager of Technical Publications at Synopsys. She has more than 20 years’ experience in high tech, and she is responsible for a global team of technical communicators and writers.