Presentations by Seth Earley

Content Choreography Pre-Conference Workshop

Planning, composing and organizing content and creative assets with taxonomy for multi-channel publishing, dynamic presentation, and responsiveness to audience context – that’s Content Choreography!

Join Seth Earley for this half-day LavaCon 2013 Pre-Conference Workshop on Content Choreography to learn how Earley & Associates clients are using taxonomy and metadata to drive authoring and creative, translation and publishing processes, content lifecycle, Ux dynamics, content indexing, site search facets and filtering, even SEO, for greater marketing agility.

  • Get the information architecture view of how to harness and harmonize taxonomy across systems, processes, channels, devices and presentation layers to drive content in context.
  • Take a look inside a mobile app design to see how content, taxonomy and interactive wireframe techniques combine to produce a compelling user experience.
  • And walk away with pragmatic, actionable recommendations for a Content Choreography roadmap and pilot that will fit within your launch schedule.

About Seth Earley
CEO of Earley & Associates

Seth EarleySeth Earley, CEO of Earley & Associates, is a popular speaker at industry conferences on content and knowledge management. He has written for online and print publications, and co-authored two books. Most recently, CIO Update has run Seth’s three-part article on “Transforming Information into Knowledge.” Earley founded the Boston Knowledge Management Forum in 2001. He provides strategic guidance to Fortune 1000 companies addressing content management challenges.