Presentations by Rhyne Armstrong, Bonni Graham, and Lisa Pietrangeli

Corporate Communication Workshop

Ready to break out of your shell? Need to pitch a product or idea? Been asked to demonstrate a new application or feature? In Part I of this workshop, Rhyne Armstrong from RouteMatch Software will take you through the necessary steps for creating and delivering a presentation that will make a lasting impact on your audience. We will cover different types of presentations, delivery styles, visual aids, handouts, and how to prepare for the unexpected. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to step up, speak out, and show off!

Never be stumped by interview questions or meetings! In Part II, Bonni Graham from Global Scholar and the improv group, “The Creative Urges,” and will explore business and career lessons learned from improvisational comedy. Improv comedy hones your reaction skills so you can avoid being stumped in the moment, then thinking of the perfect thing to say once you’re back at your desk. Although improv looks unstructured, in fact there are a few simple rules that can help you think on your feet faster in any situation. We’ll view a few slides, play a few games, and have a good time!

Finally, in Part III of this workshop, Lisa Pietrangeli will show you how to influence change in your company. Technical communicators learn about new tools and methods, yet often are not equipped with the confidence and language necessary to sell an idea back to their companies. As a technical communicator, you are up to date on all of the new writing methods and innovative tools of the trade. You know how important content reuse is, how critical good templates are, and how best to work on a team. However, when you identify a better method or a better tool, or recognize opportunities for process improvements, it can be a challenge to convince your company to explore your solution and to get a budget approved.

Technical communicators attend conferences and programs all the time to improve their own knowledge and skills. They are intelligent, adaptable, capable people, yet often lack the confidence to be change leaders in their companies. Through use of a case-study example and hands-on exercises, we will discuss how to be effective at impacting change, getting your company’s support, and helping your company succeed.

About Rhyne Armstrong, Bonni Graham, and Lisa Pietrangeli
RouteMatch Software / Global Scholar / ThirtySix Software

lisa-pietrangeliLisa Pietrangeli is a managing partner and director of client solutions at ThirtySix Software. At ThirtySix, Lisa specializes in working with clients to develop customized content development strategies. Lisa brings over 13 years of experience to ThirtySix Software, having worked extensively with companies around the world, helping them to streamline their content development and localization processes. Before joining ThirtySix Software, Lisa was director of global client solutions at Language Intelligence, where she worked with clients to develop internationalization strategies for all stages of the content development process, from authoring through to translation. Her extensive experience has included everything from project management, resource selection and management, to business development, localization consulting and managing client relationships. Her experience, combined with her analytical skills, make Lisa an ideal partner with whom to evaluate content development processes, develop proof of concept, and tailor solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.

Bonnie GrahamBonni Graham
is well known in the Technical Communication field. Having also run her own business, as well as documentation groups both large and small for various employers, Bonni also feels she has earned a combat MBA and a combat PMP certification. Bonni is Senior Manager, User Experience for GlobalScholar. In addition, she teaches at two University of California campuses, including a class in managing documentation projects. In her copious free time, Bonni crochets, raises her family, and
sleeps (sometimes).

Rhyne ArmstrongRhyne Armstrong is Director of Documentation at RouteMatch Software. He has 19 years of experience in the technical communication field; often moving from the core discipline of technical writing to the outlying roles of corporate communication, product marketing, and user experience design. Over the last several years, Rhyne has consulted on social media and social networking strategies for several organizations and individuals, and often dives head-first into emerging technologies and communication trends. He is a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication, serving on the Community Affairs Committee and on the leadership council of the Atlanta Chapter. Rhyne resides in Alpharetta, GA where he spends most of his time shuttling any of his four kids to soccer, ballet, or gymnastics.