Presentations by Rajal Shah and Richard Hendricks

Connecting the Dots: Improving the Information Experience for Customers

One of the hardest challenges in a mid-to-large size organization is keeping information consistent so that customers receive the same message across the board. Information silos arise within companies making it difficult to communicate with customers effectively. So how do you break down the silos, build bridges throughout an organization, and provide lasting benefits to your customers?

Join Rajal Shah and Richard Hendricks of Juniper Networks, as they share examples of how to establish partnerships across departments and transform a “technical publications” department into an “information experience” cross-functional team. Case studies include:

  • Building content partnerships to align information across several departments
  • Creating new documentation applications to streamline and enrich the customer experience
  • Developing example-based and solution-based documentation with the help of Marketing, Beta Test, and Sales Engineering
  • Establishing a bi-directional relationship with Training to improve both training and documentation deliverables
  • Partnering with Marketing and Engineering to align product names across hardware systems, software, marketing collateral, and technical documentation and more!

Attend this session and learn what has and hasn’t worked for us in terms of encouraging engineers to generate content.

About Rajal Shah and Richard Hendricks
Juniper Networks

Richard HendricksRichard Hendricks is an experienced, hands-on technical communication professional with expertise in technical documentation, training, and certification exams. He has earned several networking industry certifications during his tenure at Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems (CCNA, CCNP, JNCIA, and JNCIS) and believes technical communicators should strive to become subject matter experts so they can serve as advocates for their customers. Richard has presented at several industry conferences over the past 15 years, including LavaCon, Content Management Strategies, STC Summit, Results, and ACM SIGDOC.

Rajal ShahRajal Shah is responsible for the strategy and execution of Juniper Networks XML-based modular documentation systems. He also has corporate-wide responsibility for the unified communication of all product information delivered to Juniper’s field sales teams and customers. Rajal spearheaded the visionary “Content is King” initiative, established a “source of truth” system for product information, and created delivery mechanisms that provide customized and contextualized information to customers based on their individual needs. Rajal has presented at the LavaCon, STC Summit, and Content Management Strategies conferences.