Presentations by PG Bartlett

Why SEO is Good for Techdocs Too

In order for content to be useful, people first have to be able to find it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just a fancy term for improving the ‘findability’ of your content.
If you’re a technical documentation manager, optimizing your content for search lets you demonstrate how to add value to the organization beyond creating great content. For example, some organizations have seen significant drops in online support costs simply by investing modestly in findability.

In this presentation, you’ll get practical advice about how to figure out which keywords you should include and how you should include them. You will learn how to optimize other aspects of your content to improve your search rankings, such as metadata content and URL structure. And you will understand how to improve your click-through rate by creating search snippets that will attract attention and spur action.

About PG Bartlett

P.G. BartlettAs Acrolinx’s SVP of Product Management, PG Bartlett brings almost twenty years of experience helping companies use technology to improve how they communicate. As a marketing writer and technical writer, PG takes pride in producing clear, compelling, and actionable material. He joined Acrolinx because he wanted to be part of a team that loves helping their customers create compelling language.